A Weekly Gaming News Show

A weekly news show focused on console gaming, with some PC gaming features. We talk about top gaming stories of the week and follow that up with a deep dive discussion on topics that gamers care about.
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A Weekly Gaming News Show



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Jul 25, 2016

Hello world, another installment of A Weekly Gaming News Show is now available for your consumption.

This week we talk about news coming out of San Diego Comic Con, Xbox 1 S gets a release date and Sonic's glorious return.



What is your favorite comic based video game? And why.

  • Todd - Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Trenell - X-Men Legends

This Weeks News Stories

Xbox 1S 2TB version slated for August 2nd release priced at $399.
  • 500GB XB1 on sale for $249 for a limited time.
  • No date for 500GB and 1TB Models

Rocket League poised to be the first cross console compatible multiplayer game. Awaiting Sony approval.

Sonic Mania announced and teaser trailer for Sonic Project 2017

Sonic Mania appears to be a homage to the original 16 Bit Sonic games on Sega Genesis while Sonic Project 2017 (working title) appears to be an adventure styled game starring Sonic.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle coming to PC, PS4 and XB1

The games can be purchased individually at $39.99 each or bundled together for $59.99.

There was no word on whether the DLC for both (or either) games will be included.

News out of Comic-Con


During our long form discussion, we talk about the convergence of comics, games, TV and movies.



Jul 20, 2016

I know we are a day late, but we couldn't have a complete show with Evo still in progress, so happy Tuesday and welcome to another week with Trenell and Todd on A Weekly Gaming News Show.

This week we have a special guest to talk Valve's CS:GO controversy, WB's secret promotions for Shadow of Mordor and Evo results.

Enjoy another week as we go over the some of the week's most significant gaming stories.

Jul 11, 2016

This weeks show is available for consumption. This week we talk about the Pokemon Go phenomenon, Red Dead Redemption being playable on Xbox One, Counter Strike gambling and much more with guest host Omorede from Infinite Inventory.

Jul 4, 2016

Hello again and welcome to another week of A weekly Gaming News Show.

This week we run down the news, including the Microsoft Ultimate Summer Sale and the launch of The OverWatch competitive season.

We go into a long form discussion on why we think video game movie adaptations are lacking.

Load up for favorite game, grab some headphones and listen and enjoy A Weekly Gaming News Show.