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A weekly news show focused on console gaming, with some PC gaming features. We talk about top gaming stories of the week and follow that up with a deep dive discussion on topics that gamers care about.
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Aug 29, 2016

Show Notes: August 28, 2016

Episode 11, A Weekly Gaming News Show

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Corrections/Updates From Last Episode

Final Fantasy XV, first called FF XIII-Versus 2, has been in development since 2006

Weekly Icebreaker - Xbox Live vs Playstation Plus

Consensus is, while both are good services with great features, Xbox Live wins out due to a seemingly more lively community and the better value with free games due to backwards compatibility.

This Week’s Top Stories

  1. Sony News
    1. PS+ gets a price hike - from $50 to $60 a year
    2. PS4 Slim leaked
    3. PS Now coming to PCs.
    4. CapCom Humble Bundle on the PS Store
    5. Two factor authentication on PSN account has been activated
    1. PC release headaches
    2. DLC Controversy
  2. Deus Ex
  3. Dark Souls III DLC announced
  4. UbiSoft delays next Division DLC to “fix” game
  5. Strong Games with Gold for September


This week, we talk about UbiSoft, some of their upcoming releases and the troubles they have been having releasing working games.

We are very opinionated and in the end, like UbiSoft’s penchant to take chances on new IPs, we just wish and hope they can get their games working properly before releasing and also move a bit faster is fixing troubles in their games.

Aug 23, 2016

Show Notes: August 21, 2016

Episode 10, A Weekly Gaming News Show

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Any corrections/updates from last episode

  1. No man's sky got an update. No longer runs like ass on PC

Weekly Icebreaker

What no show (game or company) at Gamescom most disappointed you?

Consensus was not hearing anything from Nintendo regarding the NX or anything substantial.

Top 5 News Stories

  1. Niantic handing out perma bans in Pokemon GO!
  2. Facebook teaming up with Unity for a desktop gaming platform
    • Crabrawler (Fighting Type)
    • Sandygast/Palossand (Ghost/Ground Type) - Water Compaction raises defense when hit by water type moves.
    • Stufful (Normal Type)
  3. Another Pokemon Trailer. Introducing new pokemon
  4. Nordic Games rebrands. Becomes THQ Nordic. Has over 13 games in development.
  5. Final Fantasy XV Delayed. Moved from September 30 to November 29.


This week we talk news (or lack thereof) out of Gamescom.

We found that most of the companies showed more of games that had been previously announce or new DLC for established games.

No new news from any publisher or any of the console manufacturers.

We talk about what we saw and liked and what we wished we saw.

Hopefully there is a better showing at Tokyo Game Show, but we don’t have high hopes.

Final Thoughts - 3 - 5 Minutes


Aug 15, 2016

Episode 9 August 14, 2016 , A Weekly Gaming News Show

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Corrections/updates from last episode

  1. Dishonored 2 also announced at Quakecon
  2. PSVR first impressions - Played Valkyrie, beautiful game average gameplay. PSVR needs a more powerful base to fully meet it’s potential

Weekly Icebreaker

Have you played fan games before?

Todd - No, and actively avoids them

Trenell - Yes, especially the fan made Sonic games.

News Stories

  1. Sony is hosting a “Playstation Meeting” September 7th at The Playstation Theater in New York.
  1. Pokemon release more information on Sun and Moon
  1. No Man’s Sky first impressions
  • Lag during gameplay
  • Low FPS (As low as 10FPS) regardless of your graphical power
  • Pop in textures/slow loading textures
  • Crashing
  1. Microsoft acquires Beam -
  1. Nintendo putting an end to high profile fan games

LONG FORM DISCUSSION - Fan developed games based in established IPs

Do they have a place in the current gaming scene?

Is it OK for fan game makers to use properties that do not belong to them?

Our thoughts on gaming companies putting an end to fan games.

Any other notable fan games you’ve played?

Unboxing update - Received Xbox One S Kinect adapter as ordered from Xbox Live support, at no charge.

Aug 9, 2016

Episode 8, A Weekly Gaming News Show

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Special Thanks to our guest this week. You can find them here!


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twitter - @infiniteinvo

youtube - Infinite Inventory


Weekly Icebreaker

What old video game concepts would you like to see return?
Todd - Top down vehicle action shooters, such as original SpyHunter and NES game Jackal
Yama - Active combat time system and materia system from FF VII
Trenell - Arcade sports games, such as NBA Jam and NFL Street
O - Rival interactions in fighting games,from games such as Guilty Gear and unlocking characters in fighting games.

This Week’s News Stories

Gears of War eSports Pro circuit
No Man’s Sky News and Controversy
No review copies until August 9th
Polygon and Kotaku breaking street date to live stream gameplay in protest to the late review copies
PC release pushed to August 12th
Large day 1 patch
Servers wiped, all pre-release progress has been reset. Offline game saves will not work when connected to online servers.
Quake Champions with gameplay trailer announced
New “Prey” game and Skyrim HD
New Fallout 4 DLC
New Doom DLC
Comiket 90
Witch Ring Meister - Indie crafting/management sim
Sakuna - Indie Metriodvania beat-up mashed with farming sim
Link: The Undocumented - Sequel to Steam game “Link: The Unleashed Nexus
GHost9 Solid - Interesting 2D/3D mashup action RPG
TS: Nonuple Nine: Out of Order - Powerful Manga style trailer makes this interesting.

Let’s Talk Pokémon
Pokémon Sun and Moon
New “Alola Forms” gives new forms and moves to existing Pokémon - Exeggutor, Vulpix and Sandshrew were shown
Several New Pokémon detailed
Oricorio Sensu, Oricorio Pom-Pom, Oricorio Pa’U and Oricorio Baile
New feature called Poké Ride
Intro Video
Pokémon Go!’s week
Removing support for 3rd party Pokémon Go! trackers
Removing the “3 Step” bug by removing the feature altogether
Revoking legendaries caught by cheater




Aug 1, 2016

Show Notes: July 31, 2016

Episode 7, A Weekly Gaming News Show

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Update from a story we featured last week

  1. Microsoft announce an August 23rd release date for 500GB and 1TB versions of XB1S

Weekly Icebreaker

What are some of the best and worst kinds of DLC that you have gotten or passed on?

Todd- Had issue with the last COD:MW3 maps packs, to the point he stopped buying COD games

Trenell - Batman Arkham Knight DLC felt sub-par and didn’t seem as though it was worth the price

Featured Stories

1. Nintendo taking a beating

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance re-release debacle

3. PS VR Space requirement

4. Xbox Summer Update getting a wide release

5. Valve sends cease and desist to 20 more CS:GO gambling sites

Long Form Discussion

This week, we give our thoughts on micro-transactions as they apply to consoles.

What we like and what we don’t like and what we expect.

We talk about our ideas for ideal micro-transactions and how they affect the longevity of a game.